Welcome to our Garden

Watch this site: over the coming months we will be opening a new experience for dining, private events and food/gardening related classes.

Please click here to support the Cook Alliance to allow home based restaurants in Santa Clara County via  AB 626 (MEHKO), a law that was passed in the state of California 2 years ago but has not yet been adopted in Santa Clara County as of yet.  https://www.cookalliance.org/

We have been home owners in Almaden Valley, Santa Clara Country for 23 years. We have seen this once safe, friendly and respectable community turn into a neighborhood of closed doors, fear and rising crime. We have seen many small, well-established, family food businesses that were places that brought our neighbors together go away only to be replaced by fast food and loud commercial chain restaurants with little to no interactions between guests. Our neighbors do not trust each other anymore because we do not even know each other anymore. There is no place to meet and have dialogue as a connected community. 

Food has traditionally been the single most important factor that brings people together and creates communities.  Therefore, adopting AB 626 to allow home based restaurants can change our neighborhoods in a very profound way. By allowing home cooks to open their kitchens and make meals for their neighbors will not only create new small business owners, but also reconnect our communities so we can finally get to know our neighbors, have dialogue and be a support for one another. The more home doors that are open the more that our community can change and heal in a very positive way.